Jamberry Application Tools or Ode to the Rubber Cuticle Pusher

So when I originally ordered my first Jamberry nail wraps, I didn’t get any of the tools because I figured I could fake it with what I had, and also I am cheap.  And I did mostly ok on my own, and still ended up loving the product so much I immediately went out and became a consultant.  

But with my consultant kit came the Jamberry application tools, and I’ve used them for several applications, so I’ll give you my honest review of them.  (Yes, I make money on these things.  No, I won’t lie about them.)

The application kit comes with everything you see to the left.  Buffing block, orange sticks, file, rubber cuticle pusher, alcohol wipes, curved scissors, and nail clippers.  It also optionally comes with cuticle oil.  Now you may already own most of these things.  You probablyImage at least have scissors, nail clippers, and a file.  And that’s enough, really.  You DO need something to push your cuticles back, something which I’ve never done before but which makes the world of difference in both how your Jamberries last and how they look.

But I do like having the kit, because everything is together, and everything is new and shiny.  The buffing block really helps smooth out your nails prior to application and I also use it a bit for smoothing the end result.  The file is fine, although I’m personally addicted to glass files.  I like to start with the Jamberry (courser) file and finish with a glass file.  

The alcohol wipes are fairly useless.  Although it’s important to clean your nails prior to application, I find it’s best to do so individually, which is impossible with a wipe because it dries out too fast.  But I bet you have alcohol in the house, so it’s not a big deal.  I DO really like the clippers and scissors because they are SHARP.  The ones that have been in my house for who knows how long are NOT nearly as sharp.  These cut the wraps SO much easier than my old ones.  

But finally, we get to the real gem of the kit.  The Rubber Cuticle Pusher.  Now, you can use this little tool for pushing your cuticles and it’s not quite as effective as an orange stick, but it’s more gentle.  But the actual purpose of this tool is for applying pressure to your wraps after heating.  Otherwise you are pressing with your fingers, which are not really the ideal tools.  The Rubber Cuticle Pusher can apply a lot of pressure very precisely and can get right along the edge of the wraps to make sure you get a good seal.  It really makes application a lot easier and more effective.  

I like this thing so much I went looking for them in mass quantities.  You can find them on Amazon, but they want $5 for 2 pushers, which seemed a bit excessive.  So I went to Sally’s Beauty Supply looking for them.  Nope.  They didn’t have a single one.  (I’ve heard some do, but I am sure mine did not.)   Plus I discovered as a consultant I could order a bunch of them from Jamberry for a really great price!  So I ordered 24.  I told you I love these things.  I’ll be giving some away in my Jamberry Facebook group, so you should come join if you haven’t.

I didn’t understand the point of the optional cuticle oil, especially since oil weakens the seal of the wraps.  But supposedly applying the oil to your cuticles while wearing the wraps keeps your nails healthy and from drying out.  Some say it prevents peeling upon wrap removal, although I haven’t had any problems with that, and my nails are very weak normally.  I have applied the oil sporadically and can’t say whether or not it works, since my nails have been awesome.  But if you are worried about nail damage or have dry nails, you should try it.  But don’t apply the oil for the first 24 hours of wearing your wraps because it can weaken the seal.

Finally there is the Jamberry mini-heater.  Really you can apply heat to Jamberries any way you want.  Bonding requires heat + pressure.  Hair dryers work, but are cumbersome because you have to hold it in one hand and keep putting it down and picking it back up.  I used my iron as a heat source once, and it worked ok, but I did burn myself a bit. Image Plus that means I have to apply my nails in my sewing room where my iron lives.  Some people use rice bags heated in the microwave, although I haven’t tried this.

The Jamberry mini-heater is actually larger than I expected.  I sort of wish it was as mini as I imagined.  It’s about 7-8 inches tall and puts out quite a lot of heat. (Apparently, the optimal level of heat for the wraps. I’d say you need to heat them longer with other sources.) It’s hotter than my hair dryer.  The nice thing is that it sits on any surface and is hands free, which makes application easier.  Also, although you still have to plug it in, it’s easier to move from room to room than my iron.  So I’ve been using the mini-heater since I got it, and although it’s not necessary, it does make applying the wraps slightly easier.  So if you’re an addict who is going to be doing this a lot, I’d recommend it.



Next time on Kim talks about Jamberry products, I’ll soon be trying out their nail lacquers.



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