Removing Jamberry Nail Wraps with Oil

So you’ve been wearing your Jamberry wraps for days and days and it’s time to remove them.  But they don’t just fall off, they’re really stuck on there.

On day 11 of wearing my laImagest wraps, I had one come loose after getting caught on my hair, so I removed it by gently lifting it while I was out and about.  So it was time to change my wraps (YAY NEW WRAPS!).  There are a few different methods of removing the wraps.  Jamberry says to either heat the wraps and peel them off or to soak them in hot water or nail polish remover.  But many Jamberry fans prefer using oil to remove them, because it avoids any toxic chemicals and is very gentle to your nails.

Step one of removing the wraps is to break the seal by lifting up the edges around the cuticles.  It’s easiest to do this if you heat the wraps first (with whatever heating element you prefer).  Then you can apply the oil.  Now many people use olive oil for this, but I prefer not to waste my expensive cooking oil.  So I happen to have some mineral oil sitting around doing nothing, so I’ve been using that. It doesn’t really matter what kind of oil you use, it will still loosen and dissolve the adhesive.  

You can either soak your nails in a little dish of oil, or if you’re trying to conserve oil, just apply the oil with a cloth to each nail.  Work the oil under the wrap while you gently lift the wrap and rub it off.  Whatever you do, don’t just rip off the wrap because you can damage your nails that way.  Some may be tougher than others, so just keep applying oil and working it under the wrap and they will eventually slide off.

You may be left with a little adhesive on your nails, but that will come off either with some more oil or soap and water.

I usually wait until the next day to put on my next wraps to give the oil a chance to soak in.  You don’t want  your nails too oily when you apply the wraps or they won’t adhere as well.





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