Resurrecting this Blog from the Dead

So it’s been over three years since I posted to this blog.  What happened is that I got into Steampunk, learned to sew, started a steampunk blog (, started a costume making business and that’s what I do now.  

Previously, the purpose of this blog was to talk about my life post-work.  After having to quit my job in mental health due to a chronic back condition, I wanted to explore and embrace the idea of being a feminist housewife.  That slowly failed, honestly, due to the fact that I was, in fact, disabled.  All the cooking that I did for this blog ended up eating all my time and energy.  Making dinner started at 3PM and was the only thing I could accomplish in a day because it was so difficult with my disability.

I learned to embrace the idea that my disability actually limited me and work with it.  After failing to be awarded any disability income (for reasons that are BS and I’m sure I’ll talk about  here eventually) I embraced my newfound love of sewing and corset making as a way to make SOME income.  My business continues to grow but I’m still limited by my condition in how much I can work.  

So back to this blog.  I have been wanting somewhere to share my thoughts and feelings that don’t related to steampunk or costuming.  These are often about disability and living with it.  But I also want to talk about crafting and DIY and some upcoming home remodels I have planned.  

Finally I also want to keep my thoughts on the various media I consume: books, TV shows, video games, I do intact a lot of media.  And due to some recent unpleasant events at a group blog I was participating in, I’m now even more motivated to have my own space to talk about things.  

So here it is: my new (old) personal blog.   I’ll try to get things spruced up as I go.


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