ATK Recipe #55: Beef Stew

Note: I made this recipe several months ago. I don’t remember the details and can’t find the page with the recipe. So this is mostly a placeholder to show I did make it.

I’m a big fan of Beef Stew. When the weather first gets cold I always have a craving for stew, and it was something of a tradition for my mom and I to make beef stew together. We always used the packets of Beef Stew seasoning. I was excited to try the ATK recipe instead. I used pre-cut stew meat instead of cutting a roast up as recommended in the recipe. Although having bigger chunks of meat would have been better, I was feeling lazy.

Unfortunately, the recipe didn’t come out too great. My husband and I both found the stew bland and flavorless. I really missed the seasoning packet. Oh well, every recipe can’t be a winner.


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