ATK Recipe #38 and 39: Pot Roast and Roast Lemon Chicken

Ok, I’ve been neglecting this blog for the past month and a half. For the last two weeks of September I was on vacation, but for a couple weeks before that I made some ATK recipes but never got around to writing them up. Of course, it’s a bit hard to remember all the details of meals I made a month and a half ago. But I have to deal with them eventually.

First up was Pot Roast with Root Vegetables. My husband is a huge fan of pot roast and I couldn’t make it too often for his taste. That, combined with the cheapness of the meat means that I always have a roast in the freezer for those weeks when the grocery budget is low. This was really a pretty standard pot roast recipe. Brown first, cook onion, carrot, celery for about 8 minutes on the stove, add garlic and sugar and then add broth and thyme. Return the roast to the pot and cook for 3 1/2 hours in the oven. Then you add potatoes and sliced carrots and cook another 45 minutes. The results were about average for a pot roast. I didn’t really notice any fantastic aspect of this recipe over any other. Plus, I really prefer doing a roast in the crock pot rather than the oven. I’m surprised they don’t have a pot roast recipe in the slow cooker section of the cookbook.

Pot Roast

Due to similar motivation (i.e. what is simple and cheap) I also made the Roast Lemon Chicken. The chicken is roasted with lemon wedges and garlic inside and parsley butter under the skin and brushed over the skin. The bird came out just as gorgeous as with my last roast chicken, but the final touch was the sauce. The chicken juice is cooked with broth and reduced and then whisked with butter, parsley, and lemon juice. It was a really nice, creamy but refreshing gravy for the chicken that really took it to another level of yummy. This will probably be my standard roast chicken from here on out.

Roast Lemon Chicken

Lemon Chicken

Next time? Emergency Chocolate Cake. Yum.


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