ATK Recipe #30: Mexican-Style Scrambled Eggs

So I picked an easy dinner for this week: Mexican-Style Scrambled Eggs, or what we really call Migas. The fact that they felt the need to change the name tells you something about the home location of the cookbook writers.

Migas is not that complicated, but I’ve never made it. (Though I’ve eaten more than my share.) Migas is basically just scrambled eggs with onions, red bell pepper, jalapeno, and in this recipe garlic and baked tortilla chips. The recipe says that using baked tortilla chips makes the dish less greasy. It’s migas. It’s supposed to be a little greasy. Plus, it just didn’t feel right to use flour tortilla chips for migas, since it’s supposed to be corn tortillas. So I told my husband to get corn tortillas at the store, but he forgot. I came close to being forced to used flour tortilla chips, but I found some white corn taco shells leftover from the last time I made tacos so I broke those up and used those.


The result was really good. The flavor was really good and authentic. I didn’t use the pepper Jack cheese the recipe called for and instead used a Mexican blend of shredded cheese. Justin didn’t really enjoy this dish since he doesn’t like onions, bell peppers, or jalapenos. But he did eat it without complaining too much, which was as much as I could ask. I went back for seconds, but he didn’t.


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