ATK Recipe #25: Strawberry Daiquiris

So last weekend we had our friends Susan and Stephanie stay with us. In their eagerness to help me with this blog project they offered to help me consume alcoholic beverages from the America’s Test Kitchen Cookbook. They suggested the infamous (to my friends) ATK Mudslide, but not having the ingredients on hand, we had to settle for Strawberry Daiquiris.

This recipe is pretty basic: frozen strawberries, rum, Triple Sec, fresh lime juice, sugar, crushed ice. The only weird ATK twist is their advice to crush the ice before adding it to the blender. They suggest putting the ice in two ziptop bags and beating it with a meat pounder or rolling pin until it’s chipped. I had quite a good time beating the hell out of the ice with a mallet. It produced a nicely textured crushed ice and I think it did help the texture of the drink by preventing and big ice chunks in the final product.

They were, in fact, some damn tasty daiquiris. So much so that we wanted a second batch. Unfortunately I didn’t have any more limes, so I used lemon juice. And I blame the first batch for causing me to forget the sugar in the second batch. We spent a while trying to figure out why they were so sour before I realized and we added sugar to our drinks. So, take it from me, don’t forget the sugar.

I don’t have a picture of these because we were too busy getting tipsy.


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