ATK recipe #10: Indoor BBQ Chicken

My main reason for choosing this recipe is that I had all of the ingredients on hand. The recipe promises to be very easy and have “serious BBQ flavor.” Essentially you make a BBQ sauce from scratch, brown the chicken breasts, add onions and the sauce to simmer before adding the chicken back to pan to finish in the sauce.

The sauce was easy to mix up and ended up with a nice BBQ sauce with just a hint of heat to it. It ends up making about 2 cups of sauce which turned out to be way too much sauce for the chicken breasts and I wish I could have either made less or saved half of it for later use rather than cooking it with the chicken and then pouring the majority of it down the drain.

I trimmed the chicken breasts and pounded the thick ends as instructed. I think I need to pound meat more often. It’s really satisfying. The actual cooking only took maybe 15 minutes and was super easy. The finished product was basically chicken breasts swimming in BBQ sauce. They tasted good and didn’t have too much BBQ flavor, but it was a bit disappointing considering how good some of the ATK recipes have been. I think I could have cooked chicken in BBQ sauce without their help and it would have ended up much the same. I was hoping for less sauce and more of a sticky crust to the chicken.

Oh, well. I guess not every recipe can be amazing. I totally forgot to take any pictures again, so don’t strain your imagination too hard picturing chicken in BBQ sauce.

Tomorrow? Spicy-sweet Pork loin!



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