ATK recipe #3: Glazed carrots

I haven’t had the chance to sit down and write this out, but on Sunday I made another recipe from the America’s Test Kitchen cookbook. I was making rib-eyes and baked potatoes and remembered that I had frozen carrots for some unknown reason, so I looked up a carrot recipe. It’s a pretty basic recipe, but I’ve never glazed a carrot before, so why not?

Now, first of all, I thought I had sliced bias-cut frozen carrots. Turns out I was wrong and I had frozen baby carrots. I didn’t buy them, I can’t imagine why I would ever buy frozen carrots to begin with, but it’s what I had to work with. I defrosted the carrots and sliced them into little rounds. They were the mushiest, nastiest little carrots of all time. I figured if the ATK recipe could make these carrots edible, it would really be proof that this cookbook is magic.

The recipe is fairly simple: boil carrots in chicken broth and sugar until it reduces, add butter and more sugar, cook until the glaze is golden brown.

Glazed Carrots

These carrots rocked. They were yummy and actually the star of the meal. The steak was tough and chewy (I think the meat’s fault and not mine since it definitely wasn’t overcooked.) But the carrots were pretty awesome. Perhaps a little sweet to go with this particular meal. And every once in a while I would bite into a carrot and realize that the carrot itself was not great. With actual fresh carrots, this would be an unstoppable side dish.

Time to talk about another aspect of the ATK cookbook. Many of the recipes include multiple variations. For example, this recipe has 5 or 6 variations. I may end up cooking one or more of them in time, just as I have the supplies on hand, but I’m not going to go out of my way to cook every variation of every dish. At least not right now. How many blog posts can you really stand to read about glazed carrots anyway?



2 thoughts on “ATK recipe #3: Glazed carrots

  1. stephanie b says:

    Glazed carrots have chicken broth in them? I guess I’ll have to start asking about that at restaurants. I wonder if that’s a usual thing…

    • Kim says:

      Well the carrots were cooked in chicken broth and then the broth was reduced. It could easily be done with vegetable broth. It’s possible that’s just an America’s Test Kitchen thing because they seem to use a lot of chicken broth in their recipes, one assumes for added flavor. It’s something a non vegetarian like me doesn’t even think about being a problem. Funny.

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